April 6, 2011

Something for (almost) Nothing?

How many times have you heard that statement?
There's no such as free

What can one dollar buy you these days?
How about 25 cents? A gumball maybe? Even mechanical kiddie rides at the grocery store are at least 75 cents if not a dollar.

And yet today I found proof that you can in fact find something for nothing almost nothing.

An iron pad.
A silicone heat resistant iron pad.
I have an old crummy ironing board that rocks back and forth due a poor design flaw in the nonexistent floor stablizers. When the board rocks - my iron sways and rocks also and that makes me nervous. I never use it in this manner when the kids are running around, but never the less when I saw this iron pad my eyes lit up. Then I looked at the price - $0.25 is what the hook marker said. 25 CENTS? For real? Couldn't pass that up. I was interested to see if the cashier was going to tell me there was a mistake. I have seen these silicone pads for at $3.50 in other stores.

After the cashier rang up my purchase I asked her if the iron pad rang up as $0.25. She said, "It actually rang up as $0.01."

Hold Up!
Back Up The Truck!!

1 CENT? They were selling this item for a PENNY?

 3rd item down

Um.. yes please!

I guess you can get something for almost nothing!! We'll see how great that "something" is provided this silicone pad isn't defective and melts to my iron. HA! Then this 1 Cent purchase will cost ME a new iron!

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AFD said...

Now that is a deal! Nice work!