A little bit about me: 

I am a 20-something wife to a man I love more and more each day. My husband Nic and I have been married for (going on) five years now. Being married to your best friend is truly a blessing. I have followed him all over the continental US for his job (4 houses and 3 states in 5 years!) and I don't mind one bit. We currently reside in the state of Wisconsin raising two beautiful kids and one pesky Beagle!

I am known by most as Holly, however I have two special people in my life that call me Mommy. Cole is 2 and one of the coolest kids around. His laugh is contagious, his hands are ALWAYS sticky, his innocence is refreshing, his energy is off the chart, his questions never stop and his love is endless! Paisley is 5 months and most likely holds the record for the baby who has received the most kisses! I can already tell she is going to be a strong, beautiful, determined and independent girl. These two little faces are my world. They make me laugh until I cry and cry until all I can do is laugh! I have been blessed with the opportunity to be a stay-at-home Mom. It is the most rewarding yet challenging job I have ever had, and I wouldn't have it any other way!

I am a woman of God. This is the core of who I am. I would not be who I am or have what I have if it wasn't for the love of Jesus Christ. I strive to raise my kids in a loving and Christ centered home. I strive to love people more and judge less. I strive to listen more and talk less. I strive to appreciate more and want less. I'll be the first to admit that I miss the bar everyday. But every night I pray for a new day to try again!

I am a crafty gal. Everyone needs an outlet, I have found that mine is making stuff (fancy wording, I know)! Whether it be turning old into new, making something out of nothing or borrowing ideas and figuring out how to tweak it into my own creation, I love it! I am somewhat new to the crafty ways, but excited to see where my new found love for crafts takes me! And even more excited to share my experiences, successes and failures, with you!!!

A little bit about what I like (some of which I love):

I like bread, it easily goes with every meal. I like country music. I love chocolate, a little to much. I like making ugly things pretty again. I love doing hair. I like pictures by railroad tracks. I like gossip magazines, its my guilty pleasure. I like popcorn at the movies, but rarely get it. I like tattoos. I love candles. I like to read, but never seem to find the time. I love DIY projects. I like coupons, its like monopoly money. I love to eat out, but I'm on a tight budget. I love making nothing into something. I like coffee with my cream and sugar. I like football. I like to dream about a California summer, during a Wisconsin winter. I like to sew, except I don't know how to. I love to cook. I like the word sale, but love the word free. I like earrings. I love wine, red to be exact. I love fireplaces. I like spray paint, it has many uses. I like high heels, but own mostly flats. I love everything creative. 

Lastly, I like toddlers that play with trains and I like little girls who wear bows... but at the end of the night I would just really love a Cosmo!