I am a twenty something stay at home mom of my two young children. First came trains, (Jackson 2yrs) followed by bows, (Jaelyn 4mos). My husband Paul and I are working together to build a Christ centered family with strong core values and fundamentals. 

My first blog Desires of the Heart, I created in 2008 to journal my life when I was pregnant with my son. Documenting my pregnancies and the births of my children was very important to me. Blogging over time allowed me to developed wonderful friendships with amazing women throughout the christian blogging community. Now I am at a point in my life where I am raising a rambunctious toddler and bringing up a baby girl to follow in his wake. My interests have grown beyond blogging about my daily life into something more...

While I consider being home with my children a priviledge, it can also be a fast track to crazy town where your greatest desire is an adult conversation that doesn't include a toddler begging to watch Thomas the Train. I have found that creating things with my hands has been the outlet I need to stay sane when the days get repeative. It doesn't take long before my head spins from repeating myself...

"A Flintstone vitamin wasn't one of the choices for lunch. "
"Mommy doesn't like to hear whining. When you are ready to use your words, Mommy will listen."
"Too loud, that hurts Mommy's ears."
"Yes, you do have poop - I can smell it."

I am a hair stylist by trade and worked in the salon for five years before starting my family. Another interest of mine was always photography. It fell second only to cosmetology. Since being home with my kids, I have been able to take only one photography class. I do hope that I will have time to invest more into taking creative photos in the years to come. In the meantime, I have been spending time at my sewing machine where I have only begun to teach myself the basics. I am by no means skilled at the machine, but it's amazing how much I have learned in the past year that I have owned one.

I am defined for my schedule abiding, list following, photograph taking, christian music listening, once fashion cladding, now comfort wearing, ponytail sporting, should be exercising, but is not exercising, baby food making, babywrap wearing, sign language teaching, stroller pushing, storybook reading, belly tickling God fearing, compassionate, motherhood loving ways.

I hope you enjoy this blog and use it as a reference to express your creativity with us as well. I love to share the projects I have found online in tutorials as well as the ones I have created myself. Thanks for stopping by!