April 1, 2011

Hair Accessory Holder

A while back I had made a bow holder for Jaelyn's hair clips and flowers that hung in her room. I adored it first, but that quickly diminished when I found myself starring at it everytime I nursed my daughter in her room. The rocker chair is literally aimed right at it and I actually began to hate it. So I made the decision (long before I acted upon it) to make a new one. It's very simple and you may find that you have most of these supplies around your house.

An Art Canvas of any style, shape or thickness
Polyfill Batting
Fabric to cover
2 Buttons
Staple Gun

Covering the Canvas
Begin by cutting out a sizeable amount of batting (folded once for double layering).
 Be sure to leave an extra 2.5 inches (give or take depending on the thickness of your canvas). 

Use the staple gun to secure the batting all around the perimeter of the canvas. Try to minimize the amount of batting that collects in the corners. Too much bulk will cause your holder to stick out unevenly against the wall.

Here is your stapled batting complete.

Use the same process to attach your fabric of choice. Be sure to use consistent even tension when pulling the fabric taught as you staple.

Attaching the Ribbon
Use a measuring tape to locate the center of your canvas. I used this as my guide to pin the ribbon in a diagonal fashion. You can use your own style choice by attaching the ribbon in diagonals, rows or columns,

Once again, use the staple gun to secure the ribbons on the backside.

Then I used fabric covered buttons to complete my project.
 This was the first time using cover buttons and I loved them!

They are pretty self explanatory, but if you have never tried them or even seen them in the store -

Now sew them onto your canvas. This was a bit tricky with the cover buttons because both the buttons AND the canvas have little "give" so my needle angle had to be percise.


 It's great to be able to completely customize your accessories to match the decor rather than being dependant on what the stores have to offer.


AFD said...

Very cute! Just out of curiosity, why didn't you like the other one you made? I'm no crafter by any means, but I thought it was adorable! Just not doing what you wanted it to do? And by the way, I think you girls are going to make a bundle at the Farmers' market! You guys are good!

Holly said...

THat actually seems doable for me!