March 28, 2011

What I Learned Wednesday - Cover Buttons!!

Ever Try These Nifty Thing??

Many of you may say, "Is she for real? She's never used a cover button?"
And some of you may say, "What's a cover button?"

For the latter - this post is for you :)

I have seen fabric covered buttons here and there but never actually tried one out myself. The idea of "how do you get the fabric tucked inside?" can be a bit thought provoking. These nifty things have a very simple - fool proof method that can work for anyone.

Wanna see how easy it is?
read on...

A circle template is printed on the back of the packaging.
 I chose to copy the circle onto a more sturdy cereal box cardboard for future use.

This is the pattern you will use when cutting your fabric.

Start with the small supplied rubber "container" on the bottom, followed by your fabric and the outer cover button piece.

Push the cover piece into the container, then tuck all the fabric inside the container as best as you can.

Align the back piece of the button on top of the stuffed fabric and use the "pusher" to shove the back piece down into the container, thus clamping it into the cover piece. You will know you have it complete when the back piece is even and not angled.
Then pry the covered button out of the container (remember: it's rubber so it will bend).

There you have it!

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