April 16, 2011

Pleated Clutch Purse

A few days ago, I introduced you to a resource website called TipNut.com

Have you hopped over there yet? 
Go ahead - take a moment and I'll be here when you return!

Remember I said that I was searching for a tutorial for a clutch purse? Well - I found one on TipNut. 

This is my creation! 

My first ever purse! that isn't a toddler purse.
The project took me about 3 hours total in between naptime and after the children's bedtime. The most time consuming part (no surprise, the creator told me so) was the tracing and cutting of all the fabric pieces.

 please pretend you dont see that other spring fabric in the photo. I need to set my "stage" better next time.

The post didn't mention this, but I would recommend finding a home decor fabric made of 100% cotton because it's much sturdier and durable than regular cotton fabric. The tutorial recommeded using 2 pieces of heavy fusible interfacing which would probably be necessary for apparel cotton - but I was able to save the interfacing (only using 1 layer) and going with thicker cotton fabric.

I even added my own little dual pocket sleeve in the inside to hold those little items I'm always fishing for (lip gloss, carmex, mints, a pen)

Ok, Ok so - I didn't keep this fun number for myself. I gave it to my sister in law for her birthday (which was the initial plan). But I like it so much - I will be heading back to the fabric store to get more for round 2!!

Wanna create your own pleated clutch?

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