March 14, 2011

Fabric Covered Accenting Balls

This is a simplistic project for anyone! Something your children could assist you with as long as you're careful with handling the placement pins. I found the engraved accenting balls at Hobby Lobby 50% off. Don't you just LOVE when Hobby Lobby has 50% off sales?? Each ball reads a scripture from the bible along with a value to live by. I chose Faith and Grace, although there were several more to chose from. I wanted to coordinate these balls with more color and display them on my kitchen table. I found this idea when I saw looking at a tear away "project ideas" sheet in the fabric dept. All you need are a few basic supplies that you may even have laying around the house.

Styrofoam balls - size & quantity is your choice. I chose 3" diameter
Colorful Fabrics - roughly a fat quarter amount
Flat head pins

1. Tearing the fabric
Here's a neat trick! Tearing the fabric (verses cutting) gives the edges more character. On your fat quarter of fabric and make a tiny slit about 2 inches from the edge. Take advantage of the length and make your strips down the longer sides. Grabbing both sides of the slit, begin to tear the fabric down from the slit. Make sure you are holding the fabric firmly and ripe it with force. Your fabric will tear nicely along the thread line. 

Discard the first strip that has the finished/cut edge. Begin to tear your 1.5 inch wide strips with your new torn edge. Keep in mind that the thinner the strips, the nicer they wrap around the styrofoam balls. However, tearing sections thinner than 1.5 inches in width, may cause your tearing to veer on an diagonal thus resulting in an uneven strip. Then remove all the stray threads. 

2. Wrapping the styrofoam balls
Pin the first end of the strip to the ball. Then simply wrap the fabric around the ball.

I found that folding part of the fabric under when you make a turn prevents the access fabric from bunching.

Continue to wrap the fabric all the way around until it's completely covered.

That's all there is to it!
Complete the rest of the balls and place together in a decorative bowl.