March 23, 2011

What I've Learned Wednesday

What I have learned recently is that good intentions sometimes fall short. Jackson's grandpa found these Thomas the Train slippers at a rummage sale over the summer. I laughed because at the time Jackson had no interest in Thomas and was sporting a shoe size 4... these slippers are a whopping size 7-8 :) So they got stuffed in his closet for another day.

Another day came much quicker than I thought when he discovered the slippers with great excitement. I laughed again because I couldn't believe how smitten he was with them. Good job, Grandpa! By this time, Thomas had become a member of our family and was so happy to be wearing these "flippers" - he is still only a size 6 now.  

This is how Thomas looked when he joined our family. A tad worn and in need of some tlc.

Thanks to a brand new black sharpee... Thomas got his eyes and eyebrows back.

I was very proud of my 15 second restoration job which made a 100% difference that I just had to photographed it! 

Silly me for turning my head to adjust the camera setting... someone's little hands got ahold of the sharpee and wanted to be "like mommy".

Poor Thomas

Because my first reaction was "Oh No Jax!"... he then refused to wear the one he drew on and only wanted to wear the other one. Nice!

What else have I learned? That the Magic Eraser is purely that - Magic!

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Leda said...

Yeah for Grandpas! Yeah for rummage sales! ...and YEAH for rubbing alcohol; it takes sharpie markers off of most everything! :)