March 16, 2011

What I've Learned Wednesday: Crazy about Marbles

Does anyone read "Real Simple" magazine? I personally love it. There is a lot of great idea's in there and most of them are just "real simple". (I couldn't resist!)

This month they had an article about the many uses for marbles!

1. Playful Arrangement: Add marbles to the bottom of a vase to keep your daisies in the drink and make arranging, well, child's play!

2. Curtain Weights: Light weight drapes and fabric shower curtains can billow with the faintest breeze. Keep them in place buy cutting a small slit into the seam, slipping in a few marbles into the hem, and sewing the opening back up.

3. Muscle Smoother: Store a handful of marbles in the freezer, drop them into a thin sock, then roll it across your sore spots for ahh-inducing relief.

4. Spray-Bottle Aid: To pull the last bit of cleaner from bottle, drop in a few marbles to raise the liquid's level to the spray tube.

5. Heartfelt Cupcake: After filling a cupcake liner with batter, wedge a single marble between the liner and the pan to create a heart-shaped indent.

6. Soap Saver: Add a layer of marbles to a soap dish to keep the bar from sticking (and the soap dish from getting slimy!)

Who knew these fun colorful marbles had so many uses! 
Can't wait to use a couple of these tricks.

Thanks for reading! 

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Leda said...

Who would have thought up so MANY uses for marbles! Back in the day ~ we just drew a circle in the dirt and shot them into it with our thumb! Hahahaha! ok, I'm not THAT OLD! ;)