March 7, 2011

First ever GIVEAWAY!

Our blog opening has finally arrived! 
And we are celebrating with our first ever GIVEAWAY PARTY!!! We have three, YES, three giveaways happening this to jump start the week!

So let's get this party giveaway started.

We have been seeing a lot of jewelry holders out there lately and they are all amazing!
This is our beauty we came up with! 

Originally this was a mirror I picked up at GW for $2! 
With a little spray paint/glaze lovin, trendy fabric and lace trim, we turned someone's "junk" into our treasure!!!

What do you think??? Totally cute right?!?!

I just love the colors! And not only will it look great hanging on your wall, but it will display all your earrings in style! Functional art... now that where its at!!

So how do you win this beauty???

Here's how to enter each giveaway:

Each of the following actions will grant you 1 entry
-Leave us a comment introducing yourself and tell how you heard about us.
-Follow Trains, Bows and Two Cosmos, (leave a comment and tell us you did)

Each of the following actions will grant you 3 entries
-Display our button on your blog (leave a comment and tell us you did)
-Share this giveaway with your readers by creating a blog post linking back here. (leave a comment and tell us you did)

The winners will be drawn randomly at the end of the week (friday) and displayed on March 12th. Please check back to see if YOU have won!!

And make sure you are here tomorrow for ANOTHER great giveaway, you don't want to miss this one!!!

Have a blessed day!


Charlotte Ann said...

Hello Lovely Ladies!
My name is Charlotte over at For A Lifetime! I am 27 years old, have a wonderful husband that has blessed me with 2 beautiful children! I love to Blog, read, write, and craft!
I am now following your blog, created a post telling about your blog and giveaway, and I am excited to get to follow your blog and see what nifty things I can create along with you. Can wait to create!

Laura said...

Hi Girls!
You know me :) Lets see I posted your button on my blog and created a blog to pass along your link I've introduced myself, ( Hi I am Laura ) I heard about your blog from one of you, ( can't remember which one?) Am I am leaving a comment now! Am I forgetting anything, I think I covered them all.

You both are so creative! I love your newest creation! How fun

Natalie said...

LOVE IT!!! I've been searching our thrift stores for a frame like this (just this morning, in fact!), with no luck! Would love to win this!

I heard about you b/c you left a great comment on my blog! Thanks!

Natalie said...

I'm a new follower! Because I want to win AND b/c I LOVE your story about your friendship! So looking forward to new blog posts!

Kelly said...

So cute! I've followed April's blog for awhile, so that's how I learned about your new blog. I'm a busy mommy of 2 - a 14 month old girl and a 2 month old boy :)

Kelly said...

I follow you :)

Amber said...

Love, love this! I have been following April's blog for a while now and just found this awesome blog :).

Amber said...

I'm a follower!

Nicole said...

I love it! I also follow April and have loved her blog! I can't wait to see all of your cute stuff!

Nicole said...

And I am following you :)

Autumn @ Graceful Rantings of a Clutz said...

I found you because you found me! You left me a really sweet comment on my blog.

Autumn @ Graceful Rantings of a Clutz said...

I also follow you! Yay me!

Autumn @ Graceful Rantings of a Clutz said...

I placed your button on my blog.

Autumn @ Graceful Rantings of a Clutz said...

I also posted about your blog and great giveaways!

Jamie said...

I found you from April! I've been following her blog after meeting her at a concert what- 2 years ago now this April?! Wow time flies...

Great piece and I love the new blog!

Jamie said...

I'm now a follower!

I forgot to introduce myself. I'm a mother to toddler triplets (who are a day younger then Jax).

Leda said...

I'm a follower! What a cute blog you two have! Great name.

Leda said...

I posted your giveaway on my blog, which is A lil' bit of This ~ A lil' bit of That

Leda said...

I'm Leda at A lil' bit of This ~ A lil' bit of That I found you through Pailey Passions Thrilling Thursday Linky Party. Isn't she the best! :)

Leda said...

haha Hello, it's me again. YES I have your button on my blog.

Anonymous said...

superduper cute, i think you've inspired me to try to one! new follower pls ck me out at thanks!

Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

Here from a blog hop and happy to meet you,
<3, New Follower
Tomorrow starts a week of giveaways on A Taste of T