March 26, 2011

Old Crib Mobile Made New

What do you do with a crib mobile when your first child grows out of it?

Recover it for your second child!

I was never real crazy about the crib mobile that came with Jackson's crib set. But of course he was our first child so I had to buy the $150 6-piece bedding set. Anyways, we did get our use out of it with him and I got smarter when we were pregnant with my daughter. I made all her bedding, window treatments and changing pad covers by hand. Saved myself about $100! Following suit, I took the hardware from Jackson's mobile and created this new one for Jaelyn.

It was important to me that I changed the orientation of the dangling flowers. Have you ever noticed that most mobiles have their floating objects positioned so that only the adults can see what they are. From your baby's point of view, all she gets to see is the bottom portion of the hanging moon.

View my tutorial here, which I had published on my personal blog last summer.